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January 27-28     After our recent travels through Brazil with our guide Marcos behind the wheel, the 900 mile drive to Tucson was wonderfully relaxing.  Stopped for the night at the Seibels' on the way down; John will have a wonderful selection of excellent Yellow Apatite when the Show at the Inn Suites opens on the 29th.
January 29-31    Show set up and the first day of the show.  Craziness and confusion as always.  Set-up rarely goes smoothly because of the crush of buyers who are trying to get in the room to get the first pick of new material that hasn't been seen on the market.  While this may appear to be a good effort, many room dealers will hold back their best material in the bathroom or under the beds.
February 1-2    There is a God!  A wonderful parcel of red beryl facet rough dropped from the heavens and landed close enough to buy quickly.  This is the largest (a very relative term) parcel of red beryl rough that I have seen in many years.  Many of these rough crystals will facet gems a quarter to a half carat in size.
February 3-4    Cool !! Finally something that I hadn't seen before:  A wonderful display of a LOT of Paraiba tourmaline gems at European Gem Liquidators, unfortunately the majority weren't priced in the realm of reality.  Another noteworthy find is East to West Imports, Boston, MA;  this company has what may be the largest selection of fine quality sapphires in a wide range of colors in any single location at Tucson.  I don't think I have ever seen a hundred fine orange sapphires together at one time !!
February 5-7    Tanzanite prices seem to be somewhat more reasonable than last year, two to three carat stones with excellent color are being offered at $350-450 per carat, still an expensive stone and the selection in this size range is very limited.
February 8-9    Our server is down again,  this would be a disaster, but the showroom is keeping me so busy I haven't had time to eat lunch this week, much less update the web site.  A couple of new finds with the possibility of limited gem potential:  Harvey Gordon (Reno, NV) has hit a large pocket of topaz while mining an Amazonite rich pegmatite in central Nevada.  This new topaz comes in a variety of soft colors ranging from light blue to medium blue through green and yellowish.  Some of the crystals from this find will certainly be the largest (up to 10 kg) ever found in North America.  Demantoid Garnet was recently discovered in the Otter Lake region in Ontario.  This new demantoid from Canada will not be a threat to Russia's undisputed title of gem demantoid producer, though it will produce some smaller bright, lively light green gems in the future.

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