The Brazil Adventure - December '99
Gemstones, Mineral Specimens, and Carvings

During  late November through mid-December we will be traveling throughout the state of  Minas Gerais, Brazil searching for the latest values in top quality gemstones, gem rough, mineral specimens, and carvings and sculpture in gem materials.  Some of the many items that we were able to add to  our inventory are cat's eye gem tourmaline and aquamarine; alexandrite; rubellite and elbaite tourmalines; and many rare gemstones for collectors including amblygonite, childrenite, kyanite, brazilianite, petalite, pink imperial topaz, good quality gem rough of all kinds, undamaged mineral specimens and gem crystals, including exceptional tourmalines; and carvings in tourmaline, and rose, rutilated, clear, and smoky quartz. 

We will attempt to locate specific items as requested, and of course any item that we ship as a result of a request will be honored by our ten day, no questions asked return guarantee.  Our travels will be focused on obtaining material as close as we can to the source, and as such, our choices will be limited to what is currently, or was recently mined.  Every trip produces something different, something new, and fails to produce many of the items that we are looking for.

We are still in contact with several of our friends and mine owners in Minas Gerais with our special requests for additional unique items and outstanding values.

Additional Tips for Registering Your Special Gemstone and Mineral Requests
e-mail with questions and requests for a specific gem or mineral specimen


Thank-you for the Opportunity to Serve Your Gemstone Needs,
  Steve and Sandy Perry
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