Recent Acquisitions & Future Developments

September 25, 2008

rubellite gemstones



A small selection of recently faceted rubellites from Nigeria and Brazil.  Well cut and polished gems in medium sizes from $70 to $150 per carat.


Super bright sphalerites in a variety of intense shades of yellow and orange.  Well cut and polished most in the 2-3 carat range from $12 to $50 per carat.

March 4, 2008

Top Gem Benitoite
A nice selection of faceted Benitoites, matched pairs, and matching suites and color suites of Benitiote melee.  We are able to offer a very nice range of benitoite gems, though stones over .50 carat are becoming harder to acquire. 

Elegant Benitoite Pendent

We now have an expanded selection of Benitoite jewelry with some exceptional gems.  The color matching is very good, and the cutting quality of the round melee is excellent.  Most of the styles are available in 14kt  yellow and 14kt white gold, some of the pieces are 18kt white gold  pave set with full cut diamond melee.