Gem Topaz from Worldwide Localities

  Last updated March 21, 2009

TPZ-1        SOLD

small miniature
3.0 x 2.6 x 2.6 cm

Klein Spitzkoppe

gem topaz crystal gem topaz crystal

Good crystal form with a great termination,  2 small dings on termination edge, contact and old pocket damage on one edge, extremely pale blue color.  Nice growth patterns on pyramidal faces.

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TPZ-2        SOLD
Imperial Topaz

1.8 x .85 x .4cm

Rodrigo Silva
Ouro Preto
Minas Gerais


Unusual tabular crystal, classic peach color, some small dings along edges and some minor abrasion on termination (these mines are operated with placer mining methods using a trommel which is not too gentle to crystals), nice luster.

Email to order:     Steve @  Steve Perry Gems

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